Sam Bennett

Join our team to work together to improve Allentown. We want your ideas! Allentown won this award twice in the past. We want to win again. This will be accomplished by listening to each other, working together and making positive changes in our city TOGETHER! All information is confidential.

Topic Rank
Crime / Policing / Safety 1
Schools / Education 2
Drug Use / Addiction 3
Landlords / Rental Properties 4
Perception 5
Taxes 6
Homelessness 7
City Finances / Economy 8
Racism / Discrimination / Hate 9
City Council / Mayor 10
Quality of Life 11
Corruption 12
Streets / Maintenance / Parking 13
Arts / Arts Community 14
Employment Opportunities 15
City Services / Neighborhoods 16
Green Spaces / Parks 17
Downtown District 18
Business Climate 19
Animals / Animal Control 20
Water / Sewage 21
Legal System / Courts 22
City / County 23
Inclusionary Housing 24

I'm With Sam

“Sam Bennett would be a great mayor because what she can do is incredible.  With the William Allen Construction Company, Good Neighbors, Properties of Merit and the Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King Memorial (now The Freedom Memorial), I have seen her build amazing organizations, starting with nothing but a great idea and committed colleagues.  With Mayfair Festival of the Arts, Women's Campaign Fund and the Lehigh County Democrats' get-out-the-vote operation, she stepped into challenging situations and turned them around.  Sam is successful due to hard work and talent; she is highly skilled at marketing, communication, finance and operations.  Sam is honest and she really cares about Allentown.”
— Martin Estrada - Allentown City Democratic Committee, immediate past chair, Mayfair Festival of the Arts and Properties of Merit of PA, volunteer; married twenty-one years to Siobhan "Sam" Bennett.

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