Sam Bennett

Jun 16, 2016

  • Address Our Challenges: Safety. Schools. Neighborhood and Fiscal Health
  • Celebrate Our Assets.


Sam gathers neighbors to pool resources to hire attorney, ending stabbings and shootings coming out of Hary’s Bar

Sam passion to make Allentown safe comes from personal experience


Sam continues to improve ASD and William Allen High School without tax dollars


Sam and family transform foreclosed on and abandoned historic Allentown mansion into Allentown’s first and still only bed and breakfast

Sam works to improve neighborhood quality of life

Sam an Allentown entrepreneur read more

Sam launches businesses after college – rental properties and cookies

Visitor returns with recipes The Daily Star Oneonta NY, January 1985, Anna Elwyn.

Sam brings recipes back from England

Local woman in cookie business The Daily Star Oneonta NY, Wednesday,September 4, 1985, Sylver Pondolfino.


Sam leadership takes Mayfair to highest revenue and attendance

Sam organizes protest for the avoidable demolition of one of Allentown’s irreplaceable and historic mansions

I'm With Sam

“I wish you the very best in your campaign and truly feel that you are the best for Allentown. Though at this time I am unable to participate in politics in any fashion, I am wishing you the very best, and looking forward to voting for you in 2017.”
— Jeanette Eichenwald - Former Allentown City Councilwoman, Inaugural Chair, Friends of Siobhan "Sam" Bennett 2017

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